Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Game.

ugh this will be a short but bad post! i just watched the last episode of the game forever! it was so said, a lot of things happened I'm not going to sit here and summarize it just know that the world is going to be left here with a lot of unanswered questions! I'm so glad that Melanie & Derwin got married tho. i want to give a HUGE shout out to Pooch Hall! he's an amazing actor! i look up to him i hope to act just as well as him if not better one day! he's been doin his thing on the big screen for a while now he needs to do movies now! gosh I'm so mad but to all the cast members of the game, its been real! you guys gave me something to look forward to every week with a new episode and i can truly say i was never bored watching your show my u all be blessed and i hope you all keep in contact with each other cuz i know you guys formed a family off the screen because you played one on the screen so well! =]