Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New New..

wow its been to long, I'm sorry i guess I've gotten caught up with my life and have found myself way to busy to even blog about my life. well today is Tue. June 2, 2009 I'm siting in my bed listening to 808 & Heartbreaks, (greatest CD ever) I'm slowly but surely loosing my way. I've officially finished my first year of college. SO PROUD OF MYSELF! unlike other children i don't have that great support system other wise known as parents to tell me these things so i use every opportunity i get to tell myself things that they should, ya know to make me feel better. Anyways I'm currently in Delaware looking for a summer job! its very hard but I'm not going to stop until i find one. I'm living the greatest story ever told its called The Life of The Young And UN-FAMOUS. this is all for now, I'm about to hop on twitter && facebook to say good nite to a few ppl. good nite world.